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Product Launch Campaign

Role: Animation, Banner Development, Email Development

Project Overview

The M-Series boiler offered increased ease of installation and serviceability for installers with high brand affinity for Rinnai. But there were challenges. Rinnai was known as the tankless water heater brand, meaning low awareness of their boiler options, which made up only 3% of total sales. Our goal was to grow that to 8%. Here’s a boiler alert … we crushed it.

hfa created multi-channel executions from experiential to digital to print and put the brand in front of the trade audience in purposeful and effective ways.

Tools & Technologies

a few credits

Agency, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.
Brad Istnick, Creative Director
Kirk Norris, Senior Copywriter
Scott Ferguson, Copywriter
AJ Poholski, Art Director
Amanda Watkins, Digital Production Lead
Jessie Haynes, Project Manager

As lead developer on a tight deadline, I helped to on-board and train a freelance developer so that we could meet our deadline. Our challenge was to produce 42 fixed size ad units in Google Web Designer, that would ultimately traffic to multi-targeted audiences with relevant messaging. Each ad met the 150kb standard HTML5 banner spec and was served through Google DCM.

Banner Ads

Yank The Tank
Yank The Tank
Boiler Alert
Boiler Alert
Water Heaters
Water Heaters

In addition to social and event promotions, multiple email campaigns were launched to reach key audiences. Our objective from the start was to familiarize trade professionals with the product offering’s key benefits and convert them to Rinnai dealers.

From Photoshop layouts, I created multiple, personalized email templates within Mailchimp and Hubspot platforms so that the client’s marketing team could create and deploy new email campaigns on their own in a timely fashion. The Hubspot templates would be used in future drip campaigns executed by the client.

* Client Protected: Relevant text has been blurred, but the integrity of the layout remains.

Promotional Event email



Drip email campaign



My Role


Banner Development

Email Development


Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.