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Total Solution of Truck Tires

Role: Animation, Banner Development, Email Development

Project Overview

Goodyear offers The Total Solution of trusted products, reliable services and fleet management tools, all delivered by a nationwide network dedicated to helping fleets lower their operating costs.

hfa created numerous digital advertising campaigns and implemented website analytics for Goodyear Truck Tires to enhance its digital presence and drive traffic to the new website.

Digital advertising and organic website traffic generated over 180 prospects for the commercial sales team which then led to new National Accounts and Preferred Fleet customers.

Tools & Technologies

a few credits

Agency, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.
Brad Istnick, Creative Director
Kirk Norris Senior Copywriter
AJ Poholski, Senior Art Director
Amanda Watkins, Digital Production Lead
Matt Scheip, Account Manager
AJ Poholski, Senior Art Director
Karen Lahovich, Senior Integrated Media Specialist

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We developed a number of paid search campaigns targeted towards fleet owners that would encourage them to request a free fleet consultation and get more details on how to choose the right program, tires, retreads, tools and innovations to start saving money

I produced 25 fixed size ad units in Google Web Designer. Each ad met the 150kb standard HTML5 banner spec and was served through Google DCM.

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I implemented website analytics using Google Tag Manager so that stakeholders could administer the appropriate changes to maximize KPI’s and ROI.

My Role


Banner Development



Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company