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Interactive User Journey

Role: Front End Development

Project Overview

The client wanted an impressive presentation with 3D transitions and smooth animations that would captivate and persuade their colleagues.

The client required specific criteria for this project:

After researching various online presentation tools, I ultimately recommended and built the presentation using impress.js.

Even though we had an extremely fast turnaround, the project was a huge success resulting in a plan to expand the project to include four more personas in the future.

Software & Languages

a few credits

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc., Agency
Brad Istnick, Creative Director
Andrew Hernandez, Senior Art Director
Megan Minotti, Account Manager
Kassidy Brown, Project Manager
Scott Ferguson, Senior Copywriter

The art director worked up a quick wireframe to experiment with the flow of the presentation. It quickly became evident how complex the user experience would be. He then created a new layout and navigation explorations to improve the UX.

After reading through the impress.js documentation and working with the art director on ux, we agreed that each slide should be saved as an SVG file.  Not only would this speed up revisions, it would scale and be responsive in the browser.

* Client Protected: All images, text, and links have been changed, but the integrity of the layout remains.

My Role

Front End Development


Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.