Seasonal Email & Landing Page

Give In To The Holiday Spirit

Role: Animation, Front End Development, Email Development

Project Overview

Meet a cheeky little pal, Holiday Spirit. Holiday Spirit always looks on the bright side, even with an empty bank account and lumps of coal.  As a way to celebrate their #holidayspirit, hfa created colorful artwork for community members at Reach Opportunity Center at Summit Lake, where people of all ages can find education and support in the Akron community.

This fun project gave me a chance to develop an animated, seasonal email and landing page featuring this uplifting character.

Software & Languages

a few credits

Agency, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.
Tracy McCutcheon, Executive Creative Director
Cheryl Boehm, Senior Copywriter
AJ Poholski, Art Director
Amanda Watkins, Digital Production Lead
Ron White, Team Lead/Developer
Het Kotak, Developer

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Landing Page

Holiday Cards

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Front End Development

Email Development


Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.


hfa / The Reach Opportunity Center